[Проект вуза] Psychoanalytic coaching that works

Today, company leaders are increasingly concerned about the issues of relationships in the team, motivation of employees and methods for obtaining significant results in work. Therefore, interest in psychoanalytic coaching is growing every year.

Yes, now many specialists charge a high fee for consultations, but there is another option to get qualified help. Which? As part of our project “Affordable coaching” students and graduates of the HSE master’s program “Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Business Consulting” will help to cope with professional difficulties. Our goal is to help you find a way out of a difficult situation and understand where to move on.

about the project

The Accessible Coaching project has existed for 10 years and is aimed at helping a person understand himself and reveal his potential, primarily in the professional field. Project specialists will help you understand what you really want to achieve in your profession and career, where to find motivation, how to work with complex emotions and conflicts.

Among the practicing specialists of the project are owners, top managers and heads of large companies, PR managers, financiers, lawyers, specialists in various fields, and, above all, they are united by many years of professional experience.

As part of the project, anyone can get three free sessions with a practitioner. We did this so that program participants and graduates would expand their coaching experience, and project clients would receive advice from a competent specialist.

Session efficiency

What do three hours of free consultations lasting 50 minutes each give? The result depends on each specific situation.

It happens that the client already knows the cause of his problem, so he will come to the consultation with a request to find a quick solution. Often for this he needs to reflect and discuss the problem itself. In this case, three hours is really enough.

But there are many more situations in which the client does not understand what the essence of the problem is and where its source is hiding. Here, three hours is enough to understand the problem itself and find its causes.

It also happens that during the first sessions the client realizes that the problem lies in something else, and if he wants to completely deal with the difficulties, he will be able to continue working with the coach on a paid basis.

The recruitment process

Practitioners are required to meet certain criteria, so they go through a rigorous screening process before starting to practice. In addition to this selection, all practitioners undergo regular supervision – the process of studying a psychoanalytic session with an experienced teacher-supervisor of the master’s program.

Possible work formats

Everyone can choose a convenient format for themselves: offline or online.

We are fully confident that online sessions are no less effective and successful than face-to-face meetings. The geography of our project is expanding every day, as applications for participation come not only from the regions of Russia, but also from other countries.

But if you are from Moscow and would like to attend face-to-face sessions, then our offices in the HSE buildings on Myasnitskaya are available and open.

Complete confidentiality is the main rule of the project

We respect our clients, which is why we do not record sessions with a coach and do not use clients’ personal data for supervision. This means that during the analysis of the case with the teacher, the specialist does not have the right to disclose the personal data of the person with whom he works. Each specialist, before starting the practice, signs official documents that strictly spell out the privacy policy.

The Affordable Coaching project really helps

To understand whether passing free sessions helps, our team carefully collects and analyzes feedback, which in most cases turns out to be positive. This inspires us to keep going and scale up. Every day we see a significant result of our work, so we strive to help as many people as possible.

Marina Frolova, Head of the Accessible Coaching project at the Department of Psychoanalysis and Business Consulting, National Research University Higher School of Economics, told the story.

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